Latam's first cultured meat startup

Latam's first cultured meat startup

Latam's first cultured meat startupLatam's first cultured meat startupLatam's first cultured meat startup

Our vision is to become the key player in helping Humanity achieve a sustainable future by transforming the food industry

our mission


To provide the world with a more sustainable meat. By taking million of animals away of the meat production equation we can mitigate climate change & avoid animal suffering.  


In the short term, we will be the world's providers of stem cells lines; a basic starter material that the upcoming clean meat industry will need.

the project


How we do it?

Biomimetic design: We are developing & standardizing a biotechnological process to produce meat from animal stem cells avoiding raising cattle and its counterparts.

By performing a non-invasive micro biopsy to the animal we obtain the stem cells. Then, we proliferate and differentiate those cells into muscle and fat tissue mimicking the process as it would happen naturally in the animal.


Our Approach

  • Stem cell bank with the best Argentine bovine genetics. We are partners with a company that has been developing genetic improvements on Hereford, Angus, Braford & Brangus breeds
  •  Culture media  co- develop a serum free, GMO free media optimized for our stem cell lines 
  • Cost effective Plant based proteins to lower costs in the final clean meat product while gaining valuable nutritional properties. Specially we are exploring plant species that grow naturally in LatAm.

our partners

Venture Capital


Australia- Venture capital 

Seed Funding


Buenos Aires- Biotech  Accelerator

Asia Partners


Hong Kong- accelerator

EU Partners


Berlin- incubator

Cell Farm's Lab



Buenos Aires- University of San Martin


Cell Farm / Granja Celular S.A.